Purpose, Destiny and The Law of Attraction. Possibility Podcast Session 15

Have we created our climate crisis and how can we attract the future that we want, and need, to create? Host Sarah Knight talks the power of the Law of Attraction with Executive Success Coach Karen Luniw. Karen established her own international coaching business in 2007 based on the Law of Attraction, through which she helps other spiritual, high-achieving executives and entrepreneurs break through the walls that are limiting them including self-sabotage, procrastination, overwhelm and the dreaded impostor syndrome to create the life and work they have always dreamed of. In this episode, Karen talks us through the Law of Attraction – what it is and how it works – and how we can apply the tools to find our purpose at this time on the planet; ask the questions we need to ask about what we think we “should” want and what we truly desire; and to better work together to create the energy for a more harmonious and sustainable future.
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