The Possibility Project is all about hope. Not false hope. Not denying reality hope. But real, forward-facing, truth-seeking, HOPE.

My name is Sarah Knight. I hold a PhD in Oceanography and spent many years working in Environmental Education, going in to schools and organizing events that were all about empowering people towards positive environmental change. As the challenge of Climate Change grew I became increasingly overwhelmed and frustrated, and felt that I needed to take another approach. I now work primarily in the area of energy healing, where I work with people one-on-one and in group settings to support them moving out of their own traumas and dis-ease and in to life and vitality. This project is about me combining my passion for healing and for the environment, as surely what is needed right now more than anything is healing for the environment.

This podcast is just one strand of the Possibility Project that began for me as I moved through my own layers of fear, trauma, denial, and overwhelm, and in to a place of strength and ability. A place from which I can and will continue to take action to work towards a future that continues to include the human species and as many of our fellow creatures as possible, in a planet that can support a new and improved, more sustainable, way of life.

Is this really possible? If Global Warming is really going the direction that science says it is, will our ecosystems survive? Will human beings survive? Certainly if human ability and endeavor is anything to go by, the innovation and invention of our species tells me that YES, there is hope, BUT we must get over our denial and apathy and turn our attention to what we as a species are so good at - creation.

More about me and my work on my website humhealing.com. You can follow me on Facebook at SarahKnightBioenergy and the Possibility Project at possproj.

Sarah Knight; www.humhealing.com