Cloughjordan EcoVillage: Building Community, Sustainability and Resiliency. Possibility Podcast Session 17

Is the community level the most suitable one for us to take action towards a better, more sustainable future? Davie Philip, founding member of Cloughjordan EcoVillage in Ireland certainly thinks so. In this episode, host Sarah Knight asks Davie to share his 20 year journey in establishing "The Village", which is now a thriving 55-home ecovillage complete with a planted woodland, community farm, and soon-to-be constructed wetland. Fully integrated into the larger rural village of Cloughjordan, "The Village" is working with other networks and projects across Europe and around the world to share what they have learned, in the hopes that people everywhere will start to integrate some of the principles and practices in to their lives. From joining a CSA (community supported agriculture) scheme with a local organic farmer to looking to start a group of like-minded people to move towards a co-housing or ecovillage way of living, Davie shares a multitude of ways that we can make a start.

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