Indigenous Involvement and Leadership for Climate Solutions. Possibility Podcast Session 22

What if a solution to both actively addressing treaty relationships AND actively addressing climate change existed? In this episode, host Sarah Knight chats to Mary Kate Craig, a managing partner with Anwaatin, an indigenous business working with Indigenous communities to participate in planning, energy and carbon sequestration projects related to climate change action. Mary Kate offers her insights on the opportunity to address Canada’s climate commitments while providing financial payback to indigenous land stewards with what was the Ontario cap-and-trade programme (until Doug Ford and the Conservative Party scrapped the progamme in 2018). She is now focused on working with what is possible, within the context of the major jurisdictional challenges in Canada, towards a future where indigenous communities – who have long been stewards and managers of the land and the waters of their territories - play an increasing role in the creation and management of climate action planning.
More on Mary Kate and Anwaatin: Anwaatin | Indigenous Climate Change Action
More on Great Bear and Nature Bank: Great Bear Forest Carbon Project | NatureBank
Some of Mary Kate's Book Suggestions to Sarah: Lee Maracle, My Conversations with Canadians; Arthur Manual, The Reconciliation Manifesto; Larry Sault (CEO, Anwaatin Inc.), The Lie that Binds.

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