From the Tyranny of Boys to the Strength of Men. Possibility Podcast Session 25

Worldwide so many of our systems are failing us in so many ways. Many blame the patriarchy and are eager for a new way of being in the world to come forward. Host Sarah Knight, as a mother of a big-hearted son who only wants to be of service to the world, is eager to see that men themselves don't all get tossed out with the patriarchal social system that ultimately has failed them too. In this episode she speaks with Family Constellations practitioner and teacher, Barry Krost, on the subject of "the strength of men". Barry shares his view that the majority of men in power aren't men at all, but boys, and that the world has been run under what he calls "the tyranny of boys", not the strength of men. Barry discusses the role of this positive masculine energy in creating enough safety to bring people out of trance and into presence, and how essential this is to restore love and life on this planet. And the good news? This energy is available to all of us, through our own ancestral history - some of us just might have to look a long way back to find it. At the end of this interview Barry guides an 8 minute meditation journey to bring listeners into contact with the clear, loving and protective strength of men energy in their own ancestry.

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