Celebrating 100 Years of Reiki, A Talk and Guided Healing Journey. Possibility Podcast Episode 26

April 2022 marks the 100 year anniversary of the (re)introduction of Reiki by Mikao Usui into our conscious human experience. That this healing ray has gone from being shared through a spiritual empowerment experience of one Japanese man in 1922, to now being sacredly held and used by millions of people across the globe, is a testament to its power and also to the deep integrity of Mikao Usui and the first few generations of Reiki Masters. This episode was recorded as part of a virtual event on April 3rd 2022, held by podcast host Sarah Knight in her capacity as a Reiki Master and Teacher, to celebrate this important anniversary. It includes an introductory talk, a guided journey into the Reiki field with her lineage, distance healing to the conflict in Ukraine, and an opportunity to include those people near and dear that could use a little more light too. Special thanks to all who attended and supported the creation of this event. Note that all personal information shared by the participants has been removed from this recording to honor confidentiality. THIS IS A REPOSTING OF EDITED EPISODE 26 For more information Sarah's healing offerings visit humhealing.com.
Sarah Knight; www.humhealing.com